Your pet will likely require ear cleaning at some point in its lifetime. If your pet has allergies, you may need to clean their ears at least once a week to prevent ear infections brought on by allergies.

Step 1: Compile the tools needed to clean your pet’s ears.
Some animals need pharmaceutical ear cleaners, but if your pet’s ears are just a little grubby and need a quick wipeout to freshen them up, an over-the-counter ear cleaner explicitly made for animals will also do the trick. Have cotton swabs or gauze on hand to help with debris removal.

Step 2: Sit them down or have a family member hold them.
Ask a family member’s assistance to hold your pet because some animals can become a little anxious when they notice a bottle of ear cleaning.

Step 3: Get your dog or cat used to the ear cleaner solution.
Instead of directly cleaning your pet’s ears with the ear cleaner from the bottle, gradually introduce them to ear cleaning by squirting a small amount onto a cotton ball and wiping out their ear with the wet cotton ball. However, animals prone to ear infections will probably require a deeper flush, which necessitates a few squirts of ear cleaner in the canal.

Step 4: Break up debris in your pet’s ear canal by massaging it in.
Massage the base of the ear for 20 to 30 seconds after inserting the ear cleaner into the ear canal. This aids in dislodging the challenging ear debris.

Step 5: Remove the debris and cleaner.
Your pet should first shake out its ears because it’s likely that a lot of debris will come out at this stage. After that, thoroughly clean your pet’s ears of any remaining debris with cotton balls or gauze. To reach the base of the ear canal and clean the folds in the ear flap, cotton balls, and gauze wrapped around your finger work nicely.

Step 6: Praise your pet.
Reward your pet for a job well done during and after the ear-cleaning process! They’ll anticipate getting their ears cleaned the following time.

Contact our staff for assistance if your pet’s ears appear unusually sensitive, red, inflamed, or filled with a waxy buildup or discharge.