Pet Wellness & Nutrition Philadelphia, PA

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Pet Wellness

Washington Ave Animal Hospital strongly emphasizes wellness for your pet’s health and well-being, including happiness, general vitality, and a positive pet relationship.

Washington Ave Animal Hospital strongly recommends an annual physical exam for every pet and at least a biannual exam for pets that are elderly or have chronic illnesses. During each visit, your pet’s nurse will review the medical history, and the veterinarian will perform a physical exam and provide diagnostic and treatment options.

The goal of comprehensive preventative care is to preserve wellbeing and identify and treat newly emerging issues before they progress.

Pet Nutrition

Pet nutrition is tremendously important for their overall health. The ideal diet can vary depending on age, breed, fitness level, pregnancy, and illness. Improper nutrition can result in disease, and certain diseases can be managed without medications using a prescription diet. Underweight and overweight animals may be at increased risk of illness. Our team is here to assess and guide your pet’s nutrition plan for long-term health.