Pet Surgery Philadelphia, PA

Learn more about the pet surgery services we offer below.


Pet Surgery

From mass removals to wound repairs, our veterinarians are trained to provide surgical services in a safe and pain-free manner. At Washington Ave Animal Hospital, our clinic offers various surgical services, from simple to more complex operations. Our surgical services utilize the latest equipment and techniques in anesthesia, monitoring, and thorough pre-operative evaluations to ensure the best possible outcome for patients. Before surgery, we examine your pet physically and run pre-operative tests. During the procedure, we monitor their vitals, and in post-operation, we administer pain relieving medication to ease the recovery process.

Pet Advanced Surgery

We will be offering advanced surgical procedures twice a month on Wednesdays. Our experienced veterinarian is competent in medical procedures and emergency surgeries aimed at treating various diseases and conditions in pets, as well as repairing injuries.


  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Advanced Surgical Procedures
  • Orthopedic Surgery (Limited)

Should you encounter cases requiring more specialized surgery beyond our current scope, we have established collaborations with boarded surgeons. We can schedule advanced/orthopedic procedures with a traveling boarded surgeon in our hospital ensuring that their pets receive the highest level of care, even for complex cases.