Puppy & Kitten Counseling Philadelphia, PA

Learn more about the advanced puppy and kitten counseling services we offer below.


Puppy and Kitten Counseling

For a healthy start in life, puppies and kittens need special care and attention. Washington Ave Animal Hospital offers pet owners comprehensive treatment, specialized health planning, and ongoing support during that crucial first year of life. Puppies and kittens should be kept separated from other dogs and cats until 2 weeks past their last vaccines to prevent diseases such as parvovirus or panleukopenia.

Our veterinary team is skilled at detecting and treating illnesses and diseases that could cause your pet’s behavioral issues. We also advise you on your pet’s individual needs and partner with you to make sure their first year of life is one of their best. We can advise on pet insurance, pet training, and expectations for your pet’s wellness medical needs.