Pet Laboratory and Diagnostic Services Philadelphia, PA

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Pet Laboratory and Diagnostics

Obtaining a diagnosis starts with a physical exam. Our veterinarians will evaluate your pet for discomfort, swelling, and other abnormalities. From there, we utilize in house blood machines to get rapid information about your pet’s health, including evidence of systemic infection, anemia, liver or kidney disease, and metabolic derangements.

We can also use our microscope to diagnose yeast and bacterial infections, digital radiography to diagnose pneumonia and fractures, and ultrasound to visualize abdominal bleeding or masses. Some tests, such as biopsies, will be sent to external laboratories for additional testing.

Ultrasonography is non-invasive, safe imaging technique and diagnostic tool that allows for examination of your pet’s internal anatomy. Our doctors utilize this equipment for brief cursory exams to assess for free fluid in the chest or abdomen.